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"Different Things Vary"



Book Announcement: "Different Things Vary"

January 26, 2020

I’ve committed to myself to finish a book that I’ve been taking notes on for a few years. “Different Things Vary” reflects the experiences and techniques I’ve gathered from four decades as a developer in the Tech Industry. It will cover everything from coding techniques to going out on your...

Simple Blog System For Rails

November 26, 2019

When creating new products, adding a simple blog to document concepts and changes is a frequent need. In the early stages you’re making at most about two dozen posts a year, usually coincidental to a new release. So it’d take a couple years before one outgrew a ‘simple’ solution. What...

DigitalOcean + HatchBox

August 18, 2019

I’ve been hosting my Rails projects on Heroku for years now. It’s a great service for a developer because it insulates you from a lot of the IT/Operations issues involved with deploying and managing a Rails app. But it can get expensive, especially when you want to start layering on...

(REVIEW) SecretLabs “Titan” Gaming Chair

August 03, 2019

SecretLabs “Titan” Gaming Chair My twenty year old (!) Herman-Miller Aeron chair was falling apart so it was finally time for a new office chair. A direct replacement would run over $1000 and that wasn’t in the cards. By chance I started seeing ads online for “Secret Labs” chairs. These...

Microsoft Buying Github - The Elephant In The Room

June 04, 2018

Microsoft is buying Github. Ugh. From a pure “technology” standpoint, this looks fine. Microsoft offers a lot of money and a big developer base to make Git the dominant version control system. And it’s a solid power move by Microsoft to buy up the dominant player in the space. It...