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So Many Frameworks, So Little Time

May 04, 2018

I spent a little time this week diving back into JavaScript frameworks. The funny thing is: Rails (for a dinosaur like me, anyway) is still the fastest way to go from “I got an idea” to deploying something on a server. Maybe because I’m used to it, maybe because it...

A Strategy For Configs And Defaults In Rails

November 03, 2017

There’s a plethora of configurations and default settings that are needed in a Rails App. Some examples include: Defining what UI icons to use for objects across the system. Defaults for selectors in forms. Feature enables. Instance settings (i.e. a web server is different than a background server). Install settings...

Quick-and-Easy Rails Help/FAQ System

February 14, 2017

Any web application needs a help or FAQ section. There has to be documentation. At the same time, you as the developer don’t want to spend a ton of time building this part of the code, or have to learn a whole new kind of syntax for your documents. Some...

Core Rails Gem Stack

January 03, 2017

Setting up a new Rails project requires first putting in place all the core Gems and plugins you like to use. After years of performing this task, I’ve settled on a set for Rails 5 that “just works” for me. One of the main goals is using Gems which reduce...

(REVIEW) Quiver - A Notebook Built For Programmers

January 01, 2017

Quiver is the best programmers notebook I’ve come across. The developer is quick to respond with support issues and the product is very stable. The two features which I appreciate most are: You can have multiple notebooks. Most note-taking Apps assume you want everything in one master file. But for...